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custom url shortener or custom link shortener websites and tools list to monitor your social media activity. Here is top url shortener list wich allow custom alias for your shorten link.

Best free custom url shortener or link shortener websites list

Why you should use a custom URL shortener?

Today i am going to explain what is custom URL shortener and why you should use URL shorteners. A custom link shortener or link shortener is an online program that converts a formal link into its condensed alias.

The web user only has to copy the full link of a web page and paste it into the URL shortener website and choos an alias to come up with an compress version that is approx 10 to 25 characters long. Custom link shortener provide a service to use our specific keyword in shorten link.

The main purpose why you should use URL shorteners or link shorteners is to be implemented with the data on how user operate when they are suffered with your custom shortened link.

If you share a long URL you won't be able to track real time commitment with it or clicks, but when you shorten a link you'll be capable to track click through rates and even track where users are clicking from. Some more purpose of custom url shortener are :

  1. To make links more manageable.
  2. To track and compile click data.
  3. To sharing in social media.
  4. To impact on your SEO.

List Of Best free custom url shortener or link shortener websites

S.NoSite URL

Video : How To Shorten URL's and Links ?

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