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Samajwadi smartphone yojana is an offer to book free smartphone for Uttar Pradesh voters. Akhilesh yadav want to see a smartphone in every hand in Uttar Pradesh region to make Uttar Pradesh digital.

Samajwadi free smartphone yojana may help to improve communicate between the government and people. It is also helpful to get direct feedback for different government schemes. Read entire article to book samajwadi smartphone.

Free smartphone yojana can help Uttar Pradesh people to aware with social media and digital skills. Akhilesh yadav smartphone yojana may be a big hand in the development and awareness of Uttar Pradesh population.

Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana: Free Online Booking and Registration

What is Samajwadi smartphone yojana?

Samajwadi smartphone yojana is a planning of Akhilesh Yadav to distribute free smartphone for all Uttar Pradesh voter before election to enhance the communication gap between government and peoples. It is a biggest planning to make whole Uttar Pradesh digital.

Some people are taking samajwadi free smartphone yojana is a planning of Akhilesh Yadav to increase their vote bank for upcoming election. But, in the field of social media and digital education Akhilesh Yadav smartphone yojana can be change the destiny of Uttar Pradesh.

How to apply for samajwadi smartphone yojana online for free?

To book samajwadi smartphone, you have to visit samajwadisp.in and click 'panjikaran kren' button to book free smartphone. You need scanned copy of the mark sheet of High school to apply for free samajwadi smartphone. At the time, this site is to busy, keep visiting to book a free smartphone. On regestation form, fill all entries carefuly, once you submit a form can not be changed.

Follow steps to book a free smartphone online by samajwadi yojana:

  1. Open www.samajwadisp.in website.
  2. Click on registration button.
  3. Fill all field carefully on registration page.
  4. Finally Click on Submit Button.


Samajwadi free smartphone yojana can be play a good role in social media awareness and digital education in Uttar Pradesh. It is a planning of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav to distribute free smartphone for Uttar Pradesh voters.

We think this article will be helpful to know all about samajwadi party smartphone yojana. Here, we also discussed how to apply for free smartphone yojana. If you have any question please comment bellow.

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